Top 10 Favorite Things about Sesame Place (5-1)

Well that was a long break!  I’m sure I’ll be explaining that one shortly, just waiting for a few more details to fall in to place.  ANYWAY!  Here are the next 5 reasons that Sesame Place is our favorite!

Neighborhood Street Party Parade!  (This is mom’s favorite part for sure.)  Once (or twice) in a lifetime (or 3 times in one trip, in our case!), you might be chosen to dance in the parade!

Eye on the prize, Little Girl ALWAYS tries to catch a poof.

Being tall enough…

There were just a few rides that the girls waited and waited to be tall enough to ride.  And even now that they’re tall enough for all of them, they still make sure they haven’t shrunk.

A Very Furry Christmas

The park is transformed in to a winter wonderland!  Santa’s there, the characters are bundled up and if you’re extra lucky, it’ll snow just enough to add a little extra something special to the experience!

Something new…  Every year there’s always a little something new or different, and this year was a big year with Cookie’s Monster Land!

Family time, family memories.  There’s nothing better.

This list certainly isn’t all inclusive, we also love the shows, the games, the water attractions, the rides, the gift shops, and on and on…  maybe there should be another list or 3.

Coming up next time (and I promise it’ll be soon!)  The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular – Lots of fall and Halloween themed Sesame fun, including 2 NEW Halloween shows!

Disclosure: I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for the 2014 season. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. All opinions are my own.

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Top 10 Favorite Things about Sesame Place (10-6)

The girls and I have been making lists of our favorite Sesame Place memories.  We actually have WAY more than 10, so we might do a few more to the series, but for now, 10.  We’ll do 5 today and 5 in a few days!

SO NOW! Our Top 10 Favorite things about Sesame Place!

The Purple 1-2-3 Horse.  Every year, every visit, several times a visit.

Learning to love our furry friends.  The first visit we made, the girls wanted NOTHING to do with the characters.  The 2nd year, Big Girl got over herself and made fast friends.

Even with Mr. Noodle.

Little Girl thought it was all just fine from the safety of her stroller seat.

And after that we were all Best Furry Friends Forever.

Maps are great the day you’re at the park – directions, announcements, menus for the restaurants and more.  We bring one home to remember our visit and plan for next time!

Dine with Me!

We’ve tried breakfast lunch and dinner and they’ve all been great.  Extra special time to spend with our furry friends and family.

Grover’s Birthday Bash at Dine with Me!

(Special event meals)

Now that the girls are school aged, we plan Dinner Dines on Sunday evening… we pile in the car with full bellies afterwards and make the long treck home to CT with happy thoughts in our heads.  The children sleep a little and we’re all ready to go back to school on Monday! (kinda.)

And we just happen to have a thing for Grover.

Alrighty, like I said earlier, stay tuned for the next post with our next 5 favorite memories!

Til then, here’s some info on Season Passes and other cool stuff:

  • 2015 Passes went on sale a few weeks ago! This is a great deal- 2015 Passes include unlimited visits next year (including 2015 Spooktacular and 2015 A Very Furry Christmas) AND the rest of this year free (including 2014 Spooktacular and 2014 A Very Furry Christmas).
  • Transferable Passes: Transferable Passes are a brand new pass! They are a little complicated to explain, but let’s use myself as an example! If I bought myself a Big Bird Season Pass, I could purchase a Transferable Pass. My Big Bird Season Pass would be considered the “host” pass. When I wanted to come to Sesame Place, I could bring anyone (my mom, my grandma, my sister) as my guest. The Person with the Transferable Pass must arrive with the host pass member, and Transferable Passes are limited to one visit per person per day. If you have any further questions, visit the FAQ page:
  • Quick Pay on our Mobile App: Sync your credit card to our mobile app to make quick and convenient food and merchandise purchases! Once you’ve entered your credit card information, just open your app, and a team member can scan your phone to complete the purchase.  Easy Peasy!

Disclosure: I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for the 2014 season. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. All opinions are my own.

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Activities to Keep the Kids Busy at Radisson Philadelphia Northeast

Our favorite place to stay while at Sesame Place is the Radisson Philadelphia Northeast.  Close, convenient and thoughtful.  This summer they’ve been hosting evening activities for kids staying at the hotel!

SummerFlyer 8x8

Activities include:

Balloon twist

Kids pastry decorating class

Movie and popcorn night at 8pm

Pool activities

The Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast will be hosting their first luau for our guests on Friday, August 22, 2014 from 7pm to 10pm. They will have live music, limbo contest, along with food and drink specials at the Cabana for their guests. Sounds awesome!

The activities are well planned and prepped, check out these pictures of cupcake decorating from their facebook page:

rad 01 rad02 rad03

If you’re staying here, be sure to check out what’s going on for kids!

Disclaimer:  No monetary compensation was provided for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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Check that off my bucket list

When we decided to go to Los Angeles this summer, we made all sorts of plans for the girls and their younger cousins.  Watermelon farm, San Diego Zoo, Science Center, Aquarium…  But there was one thing that I knew *I* had to do if I was so close.

late lateIf I was anywhere near CBS, I’d HAVE to see a taping of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  He’s been my favorite for so long.  His turn as host will be ending in December.  I had to go.

After lots of back and forth about what day was best, if we could even GET tickets, it was all set.

ticketsInsert Kermit flaily arms and beauty pageant vapors and tears.

Gorgeous day for a walk through The Grove.  I keep typing The Grover.  I can’t imagine why.

Judging from that smile, he was not too bummed out to go, too.  There were maybe 30 people in front of us in line, it was interesting to listen to their conversations.

In the end we got to see 2 tapings – one that aired that night, and the other that next Friday.  Our seats were way to the left, 2nd row.  For those in the know, we were in the seats behind “lesbian row” and could sometimes hear Josh Robert Thompson (Geoff the Robot Skeleton) in stereo because he was being amplified through the speakers and was actually on the other side of the wall separating our seats from backstage.  When Craig Ferguson sits to face his guests, he was facing us as well.  It was everything I had hoped it would be.

Afterwards we took about a mile walk up to Los Angeles County Museum of Art to kill time and hope for traffic to dissipate.

The museum was closed, but we saw the outdoor exhibits.  The light posts were really what I wanted to see.

One of my favorite days ever.

Disclaimer:  Tickets for the taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and other shows are free through 

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Aaaand we’re back!

We took a family trip to sunny southern California last week.  I have to admit it was CRAZY stressful for me as this was the largest trip and/or undertaking for us as a family of 4.  People do it all the time I told myself, and once we were there, we *all* had a really good time.

First thing I’d like to talk about is the weather.  OMG, the weather.

At the Science Center:


At the pool:wpid-screenshot_2014-07-18-14-50-31_1.jpg

Absolutely no humidity.  My hair has never been so tame.

Going to the Aquarium:


Headed to a taping of The Late Late Show today!!!!:wpid-screenshot_2014-07-21-06-12-11_1.jpg

In line at CBS:wpid-screenshot_2014-07-21-12-00-17_1.jpg

A day at the San Diego Zoo:wpid-screenshot_2014-07-22-11-10-20_1.jpg

Headed home (ridiculous!):wpid-screenshot_2014-07-23-12-00-16_1.jpg

(It’s a dry heat.  All the better to spontaneously combust in, my dear.)

We landed in a thunderstorm, I did a good job keeping my sh!t together, the girls didn’t know how nervous I was (I’m not a good flyer).

Now we’re back in Connecticut, land of thunderstorms and 400% humidity.  Glad to be home, but with the A/C on.

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Keepin’ it up…

I’ve been on etsy for 7.5 years. Some of my products have come and gone, some things have evolved and I feel like I’m in a great groove item-wise (though things could always be better, of course). BUT lately I’ve been in touch w people who might be a little newer or fresher to this and it makes me wonder… How do I keep it up?

Like, with blogging… just how many times can I say “Hey, I made another new design of this thing?” How often do I re-introduce myself without it being like JEEZ, WE KNOW!

If you sell crafts, how long do you see yourself doing what you do? How do you get new people to follow, yet keep the old people interested?

I’m not sure I can ask just one question to express what I’m wondering, could it be the 7.5 year itch?

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Simple Summer Living


I’ve been busy, I’ve been a little stressed, and I’ve decided we don’t need a ton of fanfare and fireworks and excitement for a little bit.  Back to some basics.  Few ingredients, no accessories.  A simple little summer snackie and some good old fashioned reading.


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Imagination Movers at Sesame Place AND A GIVEAWAY!

Imagination Movers are coming to Sesame Place July 16 – 17, 2014


Don’t miss the Imagination Movers at Sesame Place! Emmy winners Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty of the hit Disney Junior show Imagination Movers will perform their most crowd-pleasing tunes. As always, the Movers will inspire lots of audience participation as they encourage the crowd to “jump up, get down, stand up and turn around!

Paid park admission is required in addition to concert reservations

Wednesday, July 16 – Thursday, July 17, 2014 in Monster Rock Theater

Show Times:  11:30AM, 4:30PM, 6:00PM

Pricing:  Adult (ages 10 & up) $10

Child (ages 2 – 9) $10

Children 23 months and younger are free but require a reservation. Infants will be required to sit on the lap of an adult.

Reservations are required and limited to five reservations per family for one of the six shows. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

SO!  If you want to go, you need tickets to the park as well as tickets to the show.  All this info is available on the Sesame Place website.


Win everything you need RIGHT HERE!  4 passes to the park, and 4 passes to see Imagination Movers in concert!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I’m almost mad that I’m me, since I can’t win. =)

Disclosure: I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for the 2014 season. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. All opinions are my own.

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Cabaret on Broadway or: Why I Feel Like I’m 1,000 Years Old This Week

So this happened this weekend:

It seems like every time I go to NYC, it’s 20 degrees or raining, or there’s 60mph winds or all of the above.  The weather today was perfect.


 Lunch at Junior’s in Grand Central Station:

Dinner at John’s of Times Square

Lots of walking in between.  The Fitbit said nearly 10 miles.

And then:

The show was incredible.  Michelle William’s understudy was wonderful, I can’t stop gushing about any part of it all.  We figured while we were there, we might as well hang at the stage door afterwards.  We were not disappointed.

So you may notice up til now that the person standing with the actors are my husband and my sister, I was taking pictures.  Until Alan Cumming came out of the stage door.  MY TURN, BACK AWAY PEOPLE.

He’s been on my list of favorites since …  forever?  I can’t remember.

We didn’t get back to my parents’ place to spend the night until 4a.m.  And I heard Big Girl start to move around at 6a.m.  Holy showtunes, that was a quick night.  I’m certainly not as young as I used to be, but the sore muscles and and exhaustion were absolutely worth the trip.

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July 4th Fireworks at Sesame Place and a Giveaway! 2014


We went to see the fireworks at Sesame Place over Memorial Day weekend.  They were FANTASTIC!

There wasn’t a bad seat in the house – We were near the main entrance, and they would’ve been great from the Sesame Place neighborhood (on the parade route), and I saw pictures of folks camped out in the new Monster’s Clubhouse to watch.  Awesome!

Set to Sesame Street music, with a little story told by Abby, Cookie Monster, The Count, etc., it was a great show!

Next opportunity to see them is July 4th, immediately following the 9:00PM evening performance of the Neighborhood Street Party Night Parade.

Fun for the whole family!

Other festivities that weekend include:

And Monsterland is up and running and ready for us!

Visit for all the details!

You can win a 4 pack of day passes, let’s do it! a Rafflecopter giveaway
The passes do not have to be used on July 4th, come when you can during the season!

Disclosure:  I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for the 2014 season.  No monetary compensation was provided for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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