Come and Play! 2014

Giveaway: Sesame Place OPENS May 3 For Its 2014 Season -Win A Family 4 Pack of Tickets!

sesame logo
The Queenvanna Fam will be there opening day, 10a-8p and there will be all kinds of treats and surprises!
Be the first to arrive at Sesame Place on Opening Day, May 3, 2014 at 10a and enjoy a character celebration followed by meet & greets with all of your Sesame Street friends including our newest neighbors, Honker and Dinger. Don’t miss the opening of the brand new show – Elmo the Musical-Live at Sesame Place!
My family has been to Sesame place for the past 6 summers, twice for Christmas and once for Halloween… and we can’t wait to come back again this year!  Sesame Place is by far our favorite theme park, even if it is quite a drive for us.  It’s an extra-special time every chance we get to see our Sesame friends and ride the rides and see the shows.  Every year is a new experience and this year will be FILLED with new rides, shows and adventures.   I also get to see it all through the eyes of a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador, you’ll get to read all about our 2014 visits!
The girls were very small our first visit - 0h, how they’ve grown!!
There is a monstrous deal on 2014 Season Passes  right now.  Guests can purchase 2014 Season
Passes including A Very Furry Christmas for just 9 monthly payments as
low as $12.  The limited – time offer will end on April 30.
You can also win a 4 pack of day passes, let’s do it!
The passes do not have to be used on Opening Day, come when you can during the season!
Disclosure: I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for the 2014 season.  No monetary compensation was provided for this post.  All opinions are my own.
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More Chocolate Pretzel Carrots

We ate all the chocolate covered pretzel “carrots” from a few weeks ago, I had to make some more for the Easter weekend.

 I used up all the pretzels and chocolate I had, there was a LOT.

So we made up little goodie bags to share with our friends.

Complete with little bunny tags

Hope our friends like them!

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Easter Chocolate Cheesecake Eggs

I think I’ve said it before, Easter is my favorite.  It’s spring – warmer, brighter, springier.  What’s not to love?  Especially when there’s chocolate egg cheesecake tastiness!



I found these hollow milk chocolate eggs on Amazon, they’re delicious all on their own.  If you order a bag, hope for a couple broken ones!

I prepped them by cutting the top 1/3 off with a serated knife:

I saved the tops thinking I might put them back on, but in the end I didn’t use them… other than as a snackie for the girls.

I prepped a no-cook cheesecake recipe – this one’s not the best and not my favorite, so I won’t tell you what it is, you can use your own.

Once it’s ready, put it in a piping bag and squeeze it in to the prepared eggs

Add a scoop of lemon curd to another piping bag and add a little squeeze to each to make a yolk

Chill, and serve!

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Quick Easter Carrot Pretzel Treats

Need a quick Easter treat item to spruce up Easter desserts or food displays?  I used pretzel rods dipped in melting chocolate to make these fun “carrots”!

I dipped 2/3 of one end in orange chocolate and waited for it to firm up.  When it was almost dry, I used a butter knife to make the little dashes on them to add a little texture.  Once completely dry, I dipped the other end in green chocolate and didn’t knock too much off attempting to not smooth it out and leave it “leafy” looking.

Pop em in the fridge for a few minutes while everything hardens, then use at will!  The girls enjoyed these as-is as desserts in their lunchboxes, and I stuck a few in Easter cupcakes with green coconut coverings.

Put a few in a bag with some crushed oreos or chocolate wafers, an adorable gift.   Or maybe even scatter a few on a display plate with a”carrot” cake!

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Big Apple Circus in Boston – A Giveaway!

Luminocity_Ad_BOS_9 5x11

You may or may not know this about me – in a past life I was in the circus, I’m sure of it.  If you don’t hear from me after next week, it’s because I ran away to join Big Apple Circus cuz we. are. going!

(my husband will be so excited that I used this picture)

AND we’re having a quiz/giveaway!  Prize is 2 tickets to Big Apple Circus – LUMINOCITY! on Friday April 18th at 6:30p.m, City Hall Plaza, Boston!

Answer any of the questions, all in one comment and for every right one, I’ll put your name in my circus top hat and select a winner on Wednesday April 16, announced at approximately 1p eastern time.  (Be sure you include your email, I promise I won’t share it!)

It’s a great day/weekend trip, so close and yet far enough away to be an adventure.  You ready?  Let’s go!

(Hint: you can find the answers by going to the Big Apple Circus website.  Shhhh….)

1) What’s the height of the Big Top?

2) Big Apple Circus is a non-profit organization, name one of the community programs

3) Name one of the performers and/or acts from this year’s LUMINOCITY cast   (I’ll report back who our favorite was when/if we come home!)

If you don’t win, or can’t wait to win, there’s a coupon code for $10 off EACH ticket you buy.  Look!:  For readers use promo BIGAPPLE to save $10 off tickets.* That’s
$10 per ticket, not just off the total purchase! (*Limited availability. Offer
good on select seats and shows. Other conditions apply. Children under 3 are
free when on the lap of a paid adult, one child per lap.)

2 Luminocity BIGAPPLE BOS 300x250

Don’t miss it, indeed!

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#disneyside scrapbook party wrapup!

So remember back when I said I was gonna have a #disneyside party?  Things changed and weather happened….

There was illness, there was busy-ness…

There WERE some decorations, there WERE snacks and they were all wicked cute!


For a while I thought it wouldn’t happen, and went to far as to donate the party supplies to a local Girl Scout troop – they were collecting party goods for the food pantry in town so people coming to pick up groceries could chose a party-bag to make their own celebrations a little more festive – I thought that was a great idea!

BUT! THANKFULLY!  Eventually, I was able to celebrate #disneyside with my pals!

New England Scrapbook Company has teamed up with The Scrapbook Summit to do monthly one-day scrapbook events and a couple retreat weekends a year.  These ladies absolutely have a #disneyside and they will SHOW. IT.  NESC sells some Disney/vacation themed kits, papers and embellishments, and on this particular weekend we focused on our #disneyside!

^^^Diane Roule’s black and white Walt Disney nostalgic layout and a peek at her winter Pooh scene and Debbie B’s One Night in Paris^^^

^^^Christy’s Mickey Vacation and Kelly Jo with Chef Mickey’s Memories, and Debbie’s (from above) Haunted Mansion layout.^^^

When I caught up with Heather, she had made 2 pages – The Beauty of Disney and Today is Magical.  And Heidi’s Sweet as Honey is well…  SWEET!

I’m loving the Disney MAGIC scrapbook page by Michelle, and Maureen was working on Tink and Chelsea finished up another Pooh winter scene with TONS of teeny tiny details.

I spy the Magic Kingdom after dark^^^

And Carol’s jacket was even festive!  It says Once Upon a Time, and on the back it says Happily Ever After, so cute!


We had a swell weekend and even if it wasn’t what I had planned, I’m glad we could show off our #disneyside!

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Sidewalk Chalk Holders – Personalized

We go through tons of sidewalk chalk here at Casa de Queenie.  Our driveway is relatively recently paved so it’s nice and smooth and just begging to be decorated.

One of the “dangers” of this activity is scratched knuckles.  Unless you have sidewalk chalk holders!  And I’ve got some ready to be personalized in my online shop.

Some are a little girlie:

Some are a little boy-y:

They each come with a piece of white sidewalk chalk that you can replace when it’s used up - they’re ready for anyone who is going to chalk it up!

Great for birthday party favors or Easter basket stuffers, a little treat for someone fun!

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Something New – Party Favor Totes!

I found these totes in these great American Girl colors – great for party favors!  American Girl parties, sleepovers, a gift for a friend, or for your own dolls!

Kit wandered over to see what all was going on…

See seemed impressed.  The plastic totes have a little tulle tutu-bow, personalized with vinyl with your American Girl’s name!

Look for them in QueenvannaCreations’s Shop!

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Homemade Dog Biscuits – Recipe

We did so much baking over the holidays, I was so tired of eating baked goods.  The girls like baking, but they’re tiny and don’t eat much.  We had a Sunday afternoon in front of us with no plans and they wanted to be in the kitchen so bad.  So! Homemade dog biscuits.

This is the recipe they used:

2 c flour

1 c oats

1/3 c wheat germ

1/2 c peanut butter (we used creamy/natural)

1 1/4 c hot water

We threw it all in the stand mixer and it came together quickly, like play-doh and not nearly as sticky as I thought it’d be.

Roll out w a little flour, use cookie cutters to cut:

(We didn’t have a bone-shaped cutter, but we had a kitty head.  The girls thought that was funny.)

Spray baking sheet, line up pieces.  Mix a little honey with water to thin it, brush on un-baked dog biscuits.

Bake in preheated oven, 350 degrees, about 30 minutes – until browned.

Like other baked goods, these are perishable – use them up quickly or freeze for later-time treats.

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Everything is Awesome!

My children hate the movies.  They hate going to the movies, they’re not crazy about watching movies.  I don’t think my children are American.  They’ve been to see 2 movies in their whole little lives: To Story 3 and Winnie the Pooh.  They BOTH sat on my lap crying and asking when we could go home.   Not fun.  Then Big Girl was invited to see The Lego Movie as a birthday party.  And she went!  And she loved it!

She loved it enough that she went a second time with her family! =D

(and we ALL loved it.)  YAY!

Our night out inspired these water bottle / snack holders:

And these decal/stickers a mom ordered for party favors – she’s going to apply them herself:

We love Legos, everything is awesome!

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