friday night is alright….


new perpetual calendars by you.

this is the first friday night that i have been home in a very long time… we’re talking like 12 weeks or something!!  i work every-other, and the ones that i’m not working, i’m usually there anyway.  i get so much of my etsy stuff done while i’m there…. i don’t know if it’s sitting upright at a table instead of the couch, or that there are other crafty people there to motivate me, or that i can get started hours earlier than if i was a home… whatever, i get tons done…

tonight they were going to be exceptionally busy and just didn’t need another body hanging around causing trouble… and i got HEAPS done at home this week.  this is good, because there are HEAPS to be done.  it seems like when i have lots of things that *need* to be done is when i get the ideas for 20 other things.  i couldn’t sleep last night because of an idea i had for letters to santa.  SANTA!!  that dude’s not going to be around for another 4 months!! 

and the shrinking and the dinking….  and i realized today that i have no magnets.  i have no idea what that is about, but that situation will be rectified tout suite!

shrinky dinks - craft 365 - day 276

there are many things for magnets to be stuck upon!!

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  1. You go crafty goddess! You’ve been inspiring me to get my bum to it! Yes Santa is 4 months away, but I can’t believe it is already August ! Your perpetual calendars rock- can’t wait to see the magnets!

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