i’m thankful i didn’t die last night.  i prayed for it all to end.  omg, i’m sick.  i don’t get sick often, and elizabeth, this is the big one.  at 2:15 this morning, i almost woke hunny to tell him the end was near.  oh, the pitifulness.

BUT.  as of this moment, i have my clothes laid out, my list made, my tea ready for water, and my alarm set for 3a.m.  –  i’m going to kohl’s baby.  then macy’s at 5.  then target at 6.  then we’ll see if i’m still alive.  i’m a little sad that titi won’t make it out with me this year – we ROCK early-morning-power-shopping, walkie talkies at all.  i’d love to be back early enough to crawl into bed and take a nap before work in the afternoon.  ah, friday night midnighters.  kill me now.

mom said today that perhaps it should be clear that i have pushed myself too far.  she might be right.  but there’s still a lot left to this weekend.  shopping and work, haircuts for one and all, a wedding and reception in another state entirely, my biggest craft show of the season…  then we’ll reassess the situation on monday.

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  1. o-no says:

    why won’t titi be playing this year with you???

    i would say pace yourself… but it is too late for that!

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