let’s talk cake. and balls.

freakin cake balls 

 through a strange chain of link clicking, i found the recipe/ tutorial for CAKE BALLS!  awww, click it!!  i had great plans to decorate mine, but i just couldn’t wait.  and there’s a few more in my freezer that might stretch my decorative abilities later in the week…  or i might make new batches every week until i cannot eat one more dang cake ball.

cake balls!!

and hello?  i’m a total grown up now – i went and bought glass bowls today just to melt the chocolate for these.  now i’m wondering what else i can use glass bowls for, cuz i’ve never needed them til today…

i'm a grown up...

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2 Responses to let’s talk cake. and balls.

  1. Christy says:

    freakin cake balls…

  2. lemonadeaccessories says:

    I’m totally trying that recipe. Now *I* need glass bowls.

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