wax hearts – made with love

i’ve been meaning to try a few new things for quite a while now…  while beanie was at preschool yesterday, and babycakes was a little under the weather camped out in front of Dora, it seemed like a great time!

i got some wax at the craft store and asked some buddies what i should melt it in…  i got all kinds of answers, but i decided on one of my awesome glass bowls done over a pan of boiling water.

melting wax 

(takes much longer to melt than chocolate!) 

while i waited, i shaved some crayons down.  the washables shredded into tiny little shavings, and the non-washable ones made these neat little roses.  so pretty!!

pink and peelerpurple, of course

once the wax was melted, i added the shavings to tint the wax.  i left some of the larger crumbles in the bottom of my silicone molds, just to see what would happen.  firming up...  when the wax was poured, i added an un-bent paperclip to use as a hanger.  the hardest part was waiting for them to solidify.  right at this point, i just wanted to poke my finger in the molds over and over!! 

after about an hour, they popped right out of the molds.


i bent the paperclip to straighten the hanger, added a bow and a loop, and WA-LA!  instant valentine gifts!

with hangers and bows

*note for next time – try a higher quality wax.  these feel (for lack of a better term) waxy, and kinda soft.  the chances of these leaving residue on a window or wall is high.  hang freestyle, or on something you’re not worried about damaging. i wonder if a harder wax would help?

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6 Responses to wax hearts – made with love

  1. Christy says:

    where’s mine?

  2. popko says:

    very cute! the only thing is..what are they for? are they scented?

  3. queenvanna says:

    these are not scented – just trying them out… perhaps the next ones will have a scent.

    i’ll keep a couple to hang here, and give the rest to friends and family (CHRISTY, good grief!) to pretty up the place a little! =)

  4. o-no says:

    aren’t you the queen of craft…..

  5. Terry says:

    If they are still soft, you could get some fresh lavender, from a florist, and attach it with straight pins. that would make your pretty hearts smell nice.

  6. Tina says:

    Very cute. Your crafty mind’s wheels are always spinning.

    Missed the crop last night but I’m sick with allergies.

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