ooof, it’s thursday again.

and what a week it’s been!  i started a “craft 365” over on flickr again.  my springtime online sales slowed up a little this year, and i lost my drive to keep up on etsy… but then you can ‘t get sales if you’re not listing, so it’s a self-perpetuating thing-a-ma-something.  so instead of watching Dr G Medical Examiner with the laptop on my lap, i should watch Dr G Medical Examiner while cutting and pasting.  i cranked out a bunch of calendars this week, including this one that’s in the works to go to a good home in Brazil: 

craft 365 - year 2 - day 5


beanie’s got *2* days of school left, and i think i’m more emotional about the school year ending than i was about it beginning.  my baby made it through her first year of preschool…  and today at school she rode a pony!

preschool freakin rocks.

the pony is from the horse farm next door to our home, and this nice lady is part of their family.  we’ve said hello a time or 2 in the *neigh*borhood, but babycakes and i got to spend a little time with her while i took pictures of her giving each kid a ride.  she is so sweet!  and while there was a break in the line of students, babycakes got a turn, too!

ready to ride the range

she was so patient and so good while she waited for everyone to have a turn and for me to take their pictures, once we were done we went and bought her a coloring book as a prize.  she seems to understand that when we hang out at the school it’s not really “her” time, and she stays right by me and just watches.  i am not sure how she’ll be next year when she can actually be turned loose on all the toys and games and puzzles!


and tonight i spent some time planning for scrapcando, buying stuff and plotting out a new kit.  i’m going to start the rough outline tomorrow night and pictures will follow either here or over there in the next day or so!  for now, think suitcases, chipboard letters and little pearls that’ll sub for rivets! 

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