fall frenzy

pumpkin cakeballs (in appearance, not flavor) – were made today as a peace offering for a

meeting tonight that i have a feeling will go on forever.  running a preschool is hard work, y’all.pumpkin cakeballs by you.and did you hear the news?  christy’s back.  wooohoo!  and all i can say about that is all is right with the world again. 

i’m in a crafting FRENZY, and i decided this morning that i’m not going to have my in-home craft show this year.  in past years i’ve sold things that haven’t been listed on etsy, some things i’ve tried that just haven’t worked out, or things that are best seen in person.  it’s by far my best show money-wise, but it also requires having new and fun things to sell (that i don’t have time to make), and cleaning my house.  a few weeks back i told myself that i was done running myself ragged, and this is an extension of that.  i anticipate a record year for sales on etsy, and at my craft shows. i’ve picked up a couple of new wholesale accounts, and said i’d do a couple of promotion boxes that need to be shipped in november.  i just can’t throw anything else into the mix.  (and i don’t wanna hafta dust my diningroom.)  (though a quick note to my real-life friends – i’ll make you anything you want as a special request, just let me know.)

in parting, have a look at one of my new Christmas Countdown Calendars – available on etsy and in person.  just not at my house.

Christmas Countdown - Neighborhood Scene by you.

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3 Responses to fall frenzy

  1. Shannon says:

    LOVE your Christmas Countdown calendar. Gorgeous!

  2. Mia says:

    Holy macaroni! I love those pumpkin balls!

  3. Evelyn says:

    I’m SO coming to your house for one of those pumpkin balls!! 😉

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