kitchen lighting

what do your kitchen lights look like?  i got on a KRAY-ZEE kick this week cleaning my house.  part of it was that i’ve visited a few houses lately and they were all well put together… and these were people who had the same amount (or more) kids than i have, so i can’t use the excuse that the kids trash my house… and they really don’t.  and christy moved into her house again this week, and since then i’ve been thinking about moving all my stuff into my front yard and starting over.  we’ve been there 3 years, it’s time to find something to hang on the walls in the livingroom.  and fixing things that we have neglected far too long.

the thing that’s been driving me the most crazy is my kitchen lighting situation.  the main light in the center of the room hisses and twitches and flutters and blinks.  and not in a cool/fun/discolight/rave kind of way.  AND it’s shaped like a female mammery.  i’ve always hated those b00blights.  and 45 comments on my facebook page confirm that many people that i know do not like them either.  i was so fired up that i fired hunny up, (or maybe he didn’t want to hear about the faulty b00blight any more), and he went today and bought a new light and installed it.  now those are some results.  i haven’t seen it yet, but i will in a few hours when i get home from work… as long as it isn’t sputtering or inducing seizures in perfectly healthy people, it’ll be a winner….  and it’s a pluss that it’s not a b00blight.  but now the new problem is that hunny says the light over the sink doesn’t match now.  i’ve always hated that light…

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