we love school

babycakes had a pajama party at school monday morning:

with stories, toast for snack, a tent, a shadow puppet theatre, twinkle lights, a moonwalk and rocketship.

and beanie went to “florida” monday morning:

complete with 2 airplane rides, a tiki hut, a wading pool, a badminton court, a postcard stand, souvenir crafts…

(what you can’t see because of the lighting is another mom outside the windows in a jumpsuit and protective earwear directing the plane across the runway.)

and mama spent the morning running between the 2 classrooms taking pictures.

Back in the day, i wondered if i’d send the girls to preschool at all… but OMG, i’m so glad i did.  we have an amazing school.  i have typed a lot more about it and deleted it, it’s so much gushing…  i hope you can see from the pics just how special their teachers are, and what an exciting place it is to be.  the girls love preschool, and so do i.



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2 Responses to we love school

  1. Shelly says:

    I wanna go to preschool tooooooooooo! We’ve been talking about daycare for Harper now that she’s almost two, and this makes me think it might be great if we find the right one!

  2. OMG this is the best place ever! I want to go to there!
    THank you so much for you kind words. Just hoping to find some answers and get back on track! xo

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