messy day – round 2

the bigger kids got their turn on friday – again, i didn’t get as many pictures as i wanted, but i had the very important job of assisting the squeezing of lemons for fresh squeezed lemonade. boy, those 4 and 5 year olds squoze a LOT of lemons!!  babycakes got the very special honor of coming to play while i helped with the squeezing.  she tried out a few things before the big kids came outside:

the sheet spraying:

jumping and spraying  what now?

the playdough icecream stand:

playdough icecream

miss bean spent a lot of time at the mud pie stand with her friends:

and had a dolphin painted on her arm.  the teacher doing the painting was the most popular lady, even with the other teachers!

(her necklace says “”) 

and her “ink” will make her a total bad@ss with her sailing acquaintances!

babycakes fell asleep on the couch that night (that never happens), and beanie was not far behind her, collapsing in to bed earlier than usual.  a fun time was had by ALL!

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