sometimes i worry

that you guys will think i have too much time on my hands.

hello, from the cakeball robot skeleton army volcano!

this is geoffrey peterson the cakeball on a stick.  do you think there’s a likeness to his real-life counterpart?


well, even if there isn’t, they both still make me giggle.

there’s a whole robot skeleton army!  shut the front door!

what time is it, geoffrey peterson???


i tried some “cake graffitti” to give him a silver color and decorating gel for the teeth.  the eyes are the giant sprinkles that i’ve used before for elmo and grover noses.


the mohawks are made out of the melted chocolate squoze from a piping bag.  it bothers hunny a little that geoffrey peterson’s mohawk is straight and not like a rooster, but where was he when i was making these??  not here to advise me, that’s for sure!

 i had put the eyes on before i thought about the silver spray, but they were easy enough to pop back off again.


… and i’m taking suggestions for what i might make next…

i’ve got plenty of chocolate.

OH, and if you’re new here, HELLO!  here’s a link to where you can get the original cakeball recipe and make your very own!

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5 Responses to sometimes i worry

  1. Lisa says:

    I so wish we were neighbors. God help the neighborhood, but still.

  2. Christy says:

    nice pic in the background…u didnt think i’d notice…huh??

  3. queenvanna says:

    Lisa – i’m making a plan for all my friendies online so we can form our own neighborhood. it’s so gonna RAWK!

    Christy – i did that especially for you. i know you know how much i love that pic. xoxo.

  4. Karen says:

    good thing i don’t live next door…you’re scaring me, but i have to say…those are COOL!

  5. queenvanna says:

    karen, i’m crazy enough to wander down the street… but just point me back towards my own house and call my husband. i’m harmless, mostly. 😉

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