balls as far as the eye can see…

chocolate chocolate balls – team coco balls, if you will, though the the conan show kinda stinks on ice.  sorry conan, but here’s some balls:

like 4 dozen coco balls.  the color is weird in the picture.  it’s not cheez whiz on top, i promise it’s orange chocolate.

then the go-to preschool favorite, elmo:

i just hope we will have some left tomorrow to bring to the bake sale, these little buggers are extra tasty!!

and on just one teensy other subject…  i am nuts.  i pulled out my inventory to see what holes i had to fill in for the show tomorrow.  i have enough stuff to fill like 3 tables, i have made too much.  this is overstock:

like this is *part* of the stuff that won’t fit on the table.  then there’s the calendars, the magnets, the little clothespins, the giftcard holders, the pitcure holders, the mirrors, the frames.  have i told myself recently that i should take it down a notch?  it might be time.

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3 Responses to balls as far as the eye can see…

  1. Christy says:

    u might need to start taking inventory a *little* more often!

  2. queenvanna says:

    i might need to start selling more stuff, then this wouldn’t be a problem!

  3. Lori B says:

    That’s ok, I’m coming tonight so I’ll probably will make a dent in your table. I’m addicted to craft fairs and chocolate so save me some Elmo’s 🙂

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