home improvement

we’ve lived in our home for a little over 4 years now, and we are slowly slowly upgrading and re-doing some of the things that we thought were ridiculous about the house.  the 3rd bedroom, the one we use as an office/spare bedroom was the biggest job “we” tackled until we got to the upstairs bathroom.  it was horrible.  so horrible that i can’t find any “before” pictures.  here’s “during” the bathtub removal:


that grey tile wall?  the bathtub, the toilet and sink were all that same color.  and the tub tiles had little baskets of wheat on them.  NIGHTMARE.  hunny had already replaced the sink and toilet and did a pre-sweep of paint when we hired the big guns to replace the tub.  we left the floor, i loved the black and white checker boardy looking design.  i would’ve loved to have seen what it looked like before the grey stuff moved in, the original design when the house was built – little pieces of tiles we found were black and white, and the paint beneath was similar in color to the one we painted ourselves.  black, white and pink, FUN!

i’ve always believed a bathroom should be fun and whimsical.  i think i filled the bill here.

hunny did an incredible amt of work removing the wall tile, replacing the cabinetry, replacing the plaster walls that were damaged when the tub was replaced, the beadboard, the painting…. i picked out the shower curtain, towels and rug.  lemme tell ya, it was exhausting, y’all.  it’s a tiny space, but it’s now one of my favorite places.

there’s little things that make me smile in every corner.  i’d still like to get a little shelf to put the girls’ toothbrushes and cups on, but we’re 95% done in there, and i LOVE it!

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