easy and fun winter break craftiness!

well hello there.  i have the plague, so i am how-they-say “phoning in” this blog post. =)  we tried this project out just before valentine’s day, and i’m just now getting around to telling you about it.  so without further ado:

STRING BOWLS! (or some other clever name, you’re really gonna  have to cut me some slack here!)  We’re on winter vacation right now , and this would be a fun activity for the gang that doesn’t have school and is looking for something to do.

i thought they’d be cute to put a little goodie bag of chocolates in, or a small treat… and oh yes, they are.

you’ll need:

a couple of containers – i used an empty sour cream tub and a plastic drinking cup

cover the outside of the containers with plastic wrap and turn upside down

mod podge or white glue

yarn – color(s) of your choice (i had a TON left from my yarn wreaths)

cut a whole bunch of lengths of yarn to about 14-18″ each (maybe 40-50 per container)

dip them one at a time into white glue or mod podge.  it’s going to take a WHOLE LOT of glue, so i think the podge is the way to go here.

wipe off the excess glue so the yarn is covered but not dripping and wrap each piece around the container in some sort of crafty pattern (or non-pattern, that would probably be best) and carry on til you think you’ve done enough.  or you’ve run out of glue.  or you realize there’s mod podge on your sock and your cabinet and your toaster oven and it’s time to clean up quickly.

hello, product placement:

drying on top of the toaster oven:

let them dry *at least* overnight.  when i woke up in the morning and i thought mine were dry, i pried them off of the cups and they were still wet on the inside – i let them dry a another day off of the container, upright.  this also helped them to form a flat bottom.  see, flat bottoms aren’t always bad…

once they’re entirely dry, fill them as you’d like!

i decided to keep my first try, they’re the perfect size to use for my brushes and random crafty bits.

OR! how cute would this be as a mother’s day present for grandma?

(don’t tell grandma, it’s a surprise…)

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12 Responses to easy and fun winter break craftiness!

  1. Julie says:

    This is so cute! I have so many little pieces of different types of yarn, I just might have to make this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Plaid Crafts says:

    Yay, these are so cute! I love them! -Mod Podge Amy

  3. queenvanna says:

    Thanks, ladies!! So fun and easy!

  4. Debra Clark says:

    LOve your idea and.thought id tweak it a bit and try making birds nests out of the spanish moss you can buy in stores done over a bowl ..

  5. What a great idea! Love it as a flowerpot holder! Thanks Nancy

  6. Rose McGuinn says:

    Love the planter! What fun!

  7. queenvanna says:

    i love the moss idea. i was thinking for my next go-round, i’d mold them on a square vase, to change up the shape a little.

    the planter idea really was a stroke of genius – the sour cream container one was the perfect size for the little plants they sell at our grocery store. pop it in, and wa-la! adorable gift!

  8. jess b says:

    very clever. So excited to play with this new project with my kiddos. TFS

  9. Marisa says:

    I love it! What a great idea! So fun and easy for kids! I am going to try this with my son!!!!

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