rainbow jello squares

it was one of those things.  i saw this recipe and i had to try it.  at our small local grocery store, the teenage girl ringing out the jellos was all “OMG! you got the rainbow!” like i hadn’t done it on purpose.  and a mom can never have too much knox.  so i’ve got a palate of it now.  i can gelatin-ize the world.

all you need are these few ingredients, and nearly an entire afternoon to stand in your kitchen.  waiting.

mix, pour, then wait.  mix, pour, then wait.

9 times.

i had to move on to something else while i was waiting.  i’m not a good waiter.

babycakes enjoyed watching the progress and was a huge help with the fridge door.  i used a smaller pan than in the directions, so my red layer was riiiiight up to the tippy top. 

of course i poured some of that red layer into my fridge.  and inside my veggie drawer.  and on my potatoes.  FUN!

and GORGEOUS!  it’s a shame none of us really care for jello… but i suppose the neighbors will be happy.

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4 Responses to rainbow jello squares

  1. I love this! Great idea. Did you do the colors layer by layer? Like pour one, wait to cool and then repeat? lol I’m not that patient but it’s worth it!

  2. queenvanna says:

    yes, it was one layer at a time. it was not hard, but it seriously took the better part of an afternoon with all the waiting!=D

  3. Tina says:

    So pretty. I love jello and used to make jello salads all the time in the summer. What’s the white layer? See you tomorrow night.

  4. debbie says:

    hahahahaha…..of course you don’t like jello…that explains all of this you nut! But it turned out well, and by the way how were the potatoes…lol thanks for the chuckle today!

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