can’t win em all…

oh, pinterest, you let me down…  i’ve been thinking a lot about carrot cake this week, and all desserts containing carrots.  i found some pictures on pinterest that looked downright naughty, they looked so tasty.  i gathered ingredients and got to work on some carrot cake cookies.  don’t they sound dreamy??

they look like they have potential…

i tried a batch in muffin tins so they’d keep a nice round shape to make cream cheese frosting sandwiches.  i did another batch on a cookie sheet, and odearlord they s  p  r  e  a  d  out all over the place into one giant cookie.  so yeah.  i know my way around a kitchen, i followed the recipe to the letter and this one just didn’t pan out…  a little bland, kinda a mess and a big disappointment.  guess i’ll have to keep trying.

the cream cheese frosting is a keeper, though!


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One Response to can’t win em all…

  1. April B. says:

    This is how I felt about the 2 ingredient pumpkin cupcakes. The looked and sounded great… but I just didn’t like them.

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