Rice Noodle Easter Nests

Sticky, gooey, tasty, mess.  yum!

super easy and makes little girls happy!

we decided that since one batch makes about 18 nests and mom reeeeally doesn’t need 18 of these nests sitting in the kitchen all day that we’d package them for the girls’ teachers at school.

and the remainders we packed for hunny to bring to his team at work.  happy spring!

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4 Responses to Rice Noodle Easter Nests

  1. Tina says:

    Very cute. You must be on the Internet all the time finding these cute kitchen crafts. I bet you made lots of people happy with your gifts.

  2. Keith says:

    Those are very cool! The are kind of like rice krispy treats!

  3. yori says:

    I kinda wish I worked with KingVanna right now…..

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