What to Say in Difficult Times.

I have some fun and ridiculous things to share, but I’m gonna give it another day or 2.  Living in CT, I am right in between New York City and Boston.  I love going to Boston, and like everyone else, I’m at a loss for words regarding the tragedy yesterday.  I have barely been able to tear myself away from news sources and Twitter when I have spare moments.  The girls are on Spring Break this week so I’m glad I have a distraction.  We have been shopping for summer clothes and to the library and out to lunch and are operating very much as Business As Usual in their lives.  I haven’t told them anything about this since we are not personally effected in our family but Scholastic Inc has had some really good articles about how to talk to children about difficult topics.  They’ve been an interesting resource for some other subjects lately for me, too.  If you’re interested, I recommend you check it out. (click this)

Boston Marathon Explosion

Take it for whatever it is, but I didn’t tell them anything about Newtown when that tragedy happened either.  My girls are in primary school, Little Girl is in first grade, like the children lost.  Their teachers are young and dynamic, just like several of the ones who were lost that day.  They didn’t need to know such things could happen, being so young I cannot break the innocence they have.  For heaven’s sake, when they have “Lockdown Drills” at school, Little Girl thinks they’re in case a bear gets in her school.  She doesn’t know yet that people can be so horrible.  When they asked why I picked them up unexpectedly that day, I told them grown-up things had happened that had made me very very sad and since having them with me is what makes my heart happy, I needed them close to me.  That worked for them, thankfully.

Love your babies extra hard in the upcoming days, they need to know there’s so much more love and good than not in their world.  Think about what you might need to say to answer their questions because I know eventually, mine will have some.  It’s good to be prepared.

Thinking of Boston.

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