American Girl / Sesame Crossover

Worlds are colliding over here!  The girls have been playing a whole lot with their American Girl dolls lately, and when I found some mini-visors at the craft store I knew what I had to do.  (Thanks for the tip, April!)  The real-people have Sesame character visors, now the little ladies need some, too!

I have  huge pile of every color foam now, so it was not hard to whip these together

and the little ladies seem to like them!

The foam is not terribly forgiving with handcutting, you can see any of the times you move your scissors for rounded edges so I was a little frustrated at first.  I work in a scrapbook store so I have access to all kinds of cutting tools and found that the diecut machine had the perfect sized circles for eyeballs and the pupils.

I put the Elmo eyes on a little staggered and above the edge of the visor and the result was adorable, his eyes are a little wonky and give him some extra character.

Abby Cadabby has an extra layer to her eyes and has handcut eyelids and lashes.  She’s my favorite to make because she has added diminsion.  And freckles.

This is the first Cookie Monster one I’ve made.

and of course, Bert rocks.

They’re ready for a party!

I have a green one to make an Oscar, and a purple for The Count.  I hope I can find more of the visors to make more for their friends!

Now we’re ALL ready for Sesame Place Opening day!  (I noticed SP has revamped their website in the past day or 2 and it’s easier to find a few things – check it out! )  I’m especially interested in the different/new special dining possibilities – Big Bird’s Backyard BBQ dinner sounds extra fun – a different location from the usual Dine-with-Me experience, and Cookie’s Country Breakfast?  How cute is that?  Personally, I prefer to do breakfasts with my family – there’s always plenty of variety, I’m almost positive my kinda-picky eaters will find something to fill up on and make it worth extra $.  And if you’re in to the characters (like we are) is awesome to get that extra bit of quality time and pictures with them before you get all sweaty/crazy haired/splashed on the water rides.  Now I just have to decide which ones to sign up for!

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