Last Day of School

We did it, we made it through another 180 days of school!  We are moving out of first and second grade and on to second and third grade, yay!!  It was a good year, but it’s so-very-much time for vacation.

I had wanted to make a banner last year on the last day, but it rained cats and dogs.  Good thing I remembered this year, the weather was beautiful!

and there was a little sidewalk chalk (and rock-n-roll fingers)

This was Big Girl’s last year at this school, she’s moving on to the next school.  Last pic by “her” Vs.

Little Girl’s got another year to go on the Ks.

Even though they are so close and they were “buddies” when their classes got together, I think she’s looking forward to not sharing school with her sister next year.  We’ll see.

After 2 years together, it’ll be strange to have them in different schools again.

Ahh, well, that’s 10 weeks away.  Bring on summer vacation!

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