Summer So Far

I’ve decided that in my next life, it would not be bad at all to come back as my own children.  Their summer has been pretty good.

back yard shenanigans

and cool treats on the deck

Chocolate covered marshmallows to bring to a picnic/party at the edge of the local orchard – Lovely but HOT, ping pong, kiddie pool, sprinklers, drinks, food and fun.  And HOT.

10,000 beads

No really, 10,000 beads.

This week Big Girl attended Dance Camp in the mornings and we were both surprised at how may of her friends had signed up, too!

Little Girl’s teacher from last year came to read at the local library for story time, Little Girl was crazy-shy but so excited to see her again.  Little Girl is also doing gymnastics 3 nights a week this summer.  We may need to scale back when school rolls around, it’s a big time commitment, but one she happily attends to for now.

There’s been a lot more – sunflowers, playdoh, book reading, adventuring…  It’s been a pretty good summer for them so far!

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