Cupcake Liner and Clothespin Butterflies

This summer I’ve been doing crafty activities with the girls and calling it Mom’s Crafty Camp.  It’s been pretty easy things – playdoh, painting, sugar cookies…  This week Family Fun Magazine is having “backyard camp week” and has been showing some adorable crafts.  The one that caught my eye was the Cupcake Liner and Clothespin Butterflies:


Heaven knows I’ve got some clothespins and cupcake liners to spare!!  The girls chose the liners that they thought matched some clothespins I had already decoupaged.  Putting the paper on is easy enough for folks that don’t have swanky papered clips already lying around.  AND you don’t have to wait for paint to dry.

We folded the cupcake liners in half, then in half again and pinched 2 in each clothespin.  A little dab of hot glue would help the liners to stay if you half people who might like to come up and squeeze the clips.  We added googly eyes with adhesive dots and taaaadaaaaa, butterflies!

They’d be awesome with a magnet on the back, something cute for auntie or grandma…

We used regular and mini sized liners

We hung ours from some coordinating yarn on the mantle, so cute!

A Mom’s Crafty Camp success!

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