Brew Over Ice – A Giveaway!

Let’s get brewin’!

Brew Over Ice

I received a kit that contains everything I need to enjoy my favorite flavors at any time of day!  Whether *you* love sipping an iced coffee in the car with the music up and the windows down (heck yeah!), or you’re having a backyard bbq that lasts all night, Keurig’s got us covered!!

For my review I received:

  • 3 Brew Over Ice K-Cup® samples to help you find your favorite icy brew
  • 1 Brew Over Ice tumbler
  • 4 Brew Over Ice coasters
  • 1 Brew Over Ice light-up ice bucket with ice tongs to help keep those cold drinks a-brewin’

Drop the K cup in the Keurig, fill your cup with ice and press brew, that’s it!  Get it??  Brew over ice???  Ta-Da!!

Sweet and Creamy Iced coffee, you can’t go wrong.  This one has the creamer right in it.  Park it on the deck and watch the kiddos play…

Snapple Peach Tea – smells SO GOOD brewing, tastes wonderful.  Only thing that could make it better is fun ice cubes!

Strawberry Pomegranate Vitamin Burst – There’s no picture because YUM, I drank it all immediately.  It’s kinda fruit punchy, no weird sweetener flavor, just tasty goodness!

So what can you do?  You can participate in the “Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes” (click it, baybee!) Play every day for your chance to win an awesome instant daily prizes and the $10,000 grand prize!  You won’t even have to share with me!!

Want a $2 off coupon?  Sure you do! (click ME!!)  You can see a Brew Over Ice video too, that’s where it’s at!!

You can like the Brew Over Ice folks on Facebook  or follow them on twitter.

And last but not least, participate in my giveaway!  Valid for one US winner, you’ll receive everything I did, see the list above!  Come back daily for more chances to win!

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Good Luck!

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9 Responses to Brew Over Ice – A Giveaway!

  1. Jenn says:

    Sounds & Looks good. Can you throw in some cute ice cubes too?

  2. I love French vanilla ice ice baby!!!! 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    I love chai tea..this is a great giveaway… Thanks so much…

  4. molly says:

    I love the half and half

  5. jeannie says:

    I live on iced coffee–that looks amazing!

  6. helen rowland says:

    french vanilla iced coffee

  7. I love the Tully’s Italian Roast. Deep, rich and a great way to wake up!

  8. Ashley says:

    I am really anxious to try the coffee with cream one.

  9. I love my Keurig, and I love Iced coffee! I’m in!

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