Gymnastics Birthday Party – Someone’s 7!

7!!  How did that happen??  Boy, that went by really fast and yet, seems like a lifetime.

This Little Girl loves gymnastics, it’s totally her thing.  She spent a couple evenings a week this summer at practice with the “Pre-Team” and asked to have her friends come for her birthday.  What a fun time we all had!

Some organized activities (even if they don’t all look too organized!)

Simon Says.


And some time to just play on the equipment.  It cracks me up that the upside down girl here:

Looks so worried about her little friend here:

Little Girl got some special attention.

 She loves the bars.

Once everyone was sufficiently sweaty and exhausted, there was Gatorade, watermelon, cupcakes and presents.

I’m so in love with these little cupcake picks.

We personalized water / sports bottles to put in the goodie bags, as well as some gold and silver wrapped candy treats and recorders (because you can’t come home from a birthday party without something TOTALLY obnoxious!!)

For our all-stars!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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