Watermelon Sugar Cookies

The girls have been very interested in how-to and DIY videos on YouTube for quite a while now.  That’s how we found directions to make the uneven bars for the American Girl dolls

Over the summer, Big Girl was interested in recipes (the more complex the better, oy!) and we narrowed it down to just a few that seemed to work for us.  First up, watermelon sugar cookies!


We used a simple sugar cookie recipe, colored 2/3 pink and the other 1/3 green.  We rolled out the green and wrapped it around the pink we had shaped into a log.  The longest wait was while it chilled before we could slice the log!


Little Girl had the smart idea that we should use white chips as well as chocolate ones, she’s used to eating the “seedless” watermelon with only tiny white seeds.  She didn’t understand the dark brown seeds! =D


Big Girl thought the more seeds, the better.  Mmmm, chocolate!

We love anything watermelon.


I timed this activity with a class I was teaching at the scrapbook store, a watermelon scrapbook layout.  I love when things plan out like this.  I was able to bring some to share with customers, the recipe we used made a LOT.


Both turned out super cute and the cookies were delicious!


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