Radisson – Philadelphia Northeast, Winter Edition

We were down at Sesame Place for A Very Furry Christmas a couple weeks before Christmas.  We stayed at Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast again for our family weekend get-away.

On the weekends during the holiday season, Sesame Place opens after lunch so we had a few hours to occupy – and we did it at the pool… the warm, bright indoor pool.

While we were at the pool, housekeeping came to tidy and organized all the girls’ lovies for them.

(seriously, how is there room in the bed w all the stuffed animals they go to sleep with??)  (and who is that giraffe/ball thing, where did that even come from???)

(and just like the other times, they deflated that Sleep Number bed as flat as it would go, they love sleeping in a squooshy pit!)

I do love that there are extra pillows stashed away in the rooms - I put one between the bed and the nightstand in case anyone gets flaily, and there’s different firmnesses so everyone gets a pillow they like.

I had a panicked moment when I realized I didn’t bring my hair dryer – those tiny little on-the-wall-jobs are no match for my wirey crazy mane.  But good news!!  The room we were in had a brand new full-sized hair dryer stashed in the closet.  And my hairdo was saved.

Lots of pretty decorations, ready for Christmas!

We timed our weekend just right, Sunday the Radisson was having Breakfast with Santa!

breakfastPerfect!  We had breakfast, hung with Santa, saw some dances by a local dance studio before we got on the road.

Frosted flakes, pancakes and a chocolate peppermint cupcake – dream breakfast of 7 year olds everywhere.  There were plenty of tasty choices for the grownups, too.  And a chocolate peppermint cupcake for mom.

The reception room was large and they had a great turnout.  Santa took his time with all the kids and was especially patient with Little Girl who decided for some reason that she was not keen on sitting with the big guy.

He had a little chat with her and eventually she posed for a picture for mom.

(You know those sweet girls got every single thing they asked for and then some.)

It’s a relief to have a place to go that’s consistently clean, quiet with friendly folks working there.  We’re pretty low maintenence, it’s nice to be able to just do our thing.  Another great trip!

You can see some of our other adventures at this hotel here: Click to go to Radisson in the summer

Disclosure:  We received a discounted rate for our stay at Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast – this post is my unbiased opinion of our experience.  I’d be happy to answer any further questions you might have about this hotel, please leave a comment!

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2 Responses to Radisson – Philadelphia Northeast, Winter Edition

  1. Jessie says:

    Nothing like the hotel pool!

  2. When I hear Sesame Street Place I always think of it being a summer place because of the commercials. From the last photo it looks like it would be a great stop for the winter time too with all those pretty lights!

    I’d also love a cupcake with my breakfast!

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