Fun Colorful Party Favors – Ready for Spring!

As the stores are starting to ignore the fact that it’s still winter, and I just bought the girls bathing suits because if I wait a couple more weeks their sizes will be gone, I’m drawn to the bright colors that are on the shelves.

If you know anything about me, rainbows are my favorite color.  And now I’m offering personalized mini gumball machines in my etsy shop, an awesome party favor:

They’re rainbowy!

Pardon the shady photography, I was in a hurry to get these packed out the very next morning:


And eventually it’ll be above freezing, and with spring comes bubbles around here.  These are a great addition to a party favor bag or Easter basket…. lots of color and shape choices:

They’re sold in sets of 3, so you can get them for kids and friends you know for a bargain!  We go through a lot of bubbles. 🙂

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