Quick Easter Carrot Pretzel Treats

Need a quick Easter treat item to spruce up Easter desserts or food displays?  I used pretzel rods dipped in melting chocolate to make these fun “carrots”!

I dipped 2/3 of one end in orange chocolate and waited for it to firm up.  When it was almost dry, I used a butter knife to make the little dashes on them to add a little texture.  Once completely dry, I dipped the other end in green chocolate and didn’t knock too much off attempting to not smooth it out and leave it “leafy” looking.

Pop em in the fridge for a few minutes while everything hardens, then use at will!  The girls enjoyed these as-is as desserts in their lunchboxes, and I stuck a few in Easter cupcakes with green coconut coverings.

Put a few in a bag with some crushed oreos or chocolate wafers, an adorable gift.   Or maybe even scatter a few on a display plate with a”carrot” cake!

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One Response to Quick Easter Carrot Pretzel Treats

  1. Stephanie Bodine says:

    These are too cute! have to make for my girls! Looks like they are fun to make and eat! thanks for sharing!

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