Scrapbook Album Mini Kits – May, 2014

Back a long, long time ago, I used to make kits for mini scrapbooks.  After surveying my “stash” (don’t read: hoard), I’ve decided I should make some more.  It’s time to share my pretties and a little bit of my skill.

They’re all limited edition, and small batches (only 4 or 6, maybe 8 of each available).  The thing that will make these a little different than ones I’ve made before is that if you have a little skill in paper crafting, these will be very easy.

The papers so far are the same size as the albums, no tricky cutting or trimming!!  They won’t take all weekend or all day to make, maybe an hour or two.

Even this one, the papers are perforated to the right shapes and sizes!

There will be plenty of paper left to use as photo mattes, I didn’t show mattes in most of the albums, just left room for them.  That way you can use any size or orientation photo you like.  There will be some left over embellishments as well, you can make a card to go with the album if it’s a gift.

We have some end-of-the-year celebrations coming up, I think this little book will be great.

So here’s the first 5 designs, and I’ve got at LEAST that many more to go (probably double that).  Coming up are several Christmas ones, Lucky, Escape, Patriotic/Summer.  Can’t wait to show you!

They’ll be in my shop until they’re sold out!  Enjoy!

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One Response to Scrapbook Album Mini Kits – May, 2014

  1. Tina says:

    Adorable! You do such beautiful work.

    Wish I’d bought more at the sale last Saturday. Hope there will be another one.

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