Memorial Day Festivities, Sesame Place Style.

I’ve planned either the coolest, most awesome thing a mom can do, or the most bone-headed thing I have dreamt up in recent history.  I’m taking the girls to Sesame Place for Memorial Day weekend by myself.  Because fireworks set to Sesame Street music:


We have a professional development school day Tuesday making the holiday weekend a 4 day-er for us, so why not?  Kris can’t come because of work and he wants to stay home and mow and stare at cracks in the sidewalk… Daddy stuff.

We’ll be there for the dry rides, and I’m sure given the chance the girls will go in any open water attractions.  Sesame Place has special holiday meals planned, too!


A traditional holiday cookout, then fireworks after?  Seems like the perfect way to kick off the summer!


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  1. Tina says:

    I didn’t get your comment about taking the girls.

    Looks from your FB that you girls had a great holiday there. I’m sure you hated to see it end.

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