I don’t know what we were thinking having our children 18 months apart… Well, we didn’t plan it that way, but I do know how these things happen so…  they’re 18 months apart.  And with the little one not sleeping through the night for nearly 7 years, I’ve had some tough times.  But one thing that sticks out in my memory when we were expecting Little Girl (who we called “New Baby” til she was born) was some advice the pediatrician gave me.  I said I was nervous we’d have some sibling rivalry, or that Big Girl wouldn’t understand what all was happening and she said “they’ll never remember a time when they weren’t sisters, they’ll be just fine.”

I love that advice.  It hasn’t been easy, but they’ve always been together and they’ve always been the best of friends.  I’m relieved and so proud.

It made things easy this weekend when I took them to Sesame Place by myself.  They were a team – what to ride, when and where to eat…

They’ve said for at least a year now that they’re going to buy a house together and have a cat.  They’ve picked out a duplex in the center of town to buy already.

When they’re back together after school, they sit and play on their tablets and catch up on their days.  What fresh thing someone said at lunch, which teacher said something funny, what they learned…

They take care of each other, they assess most situations together before they decide if I should be involved or not.

Best of friends.

Sisters and friends forever.

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  1. Tina says:

    Hopefully once they are out of college, they will be within driving distance of each other so they can share their lives with each other and visit you and your husband in the old folks’ home.

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