Day by Day, Is It Summer Yet?

This is the first year the girls have waited for the school bus in the morning.  Big Girl car pooled one year, last year I drove them every day.  It’s really more convenient to drive them, the bus comes early and never exactly at the same time, the weather is usually atrocious, blarg.  Because of their afternoon activities I have to pick them up in the afternoon so they rode in the morning this year.

When they started back after the holiday break, I started taking a picture every a.m. while we were waiting for the bus.  It was something for all of us to do.

(Right about here I’m about sick of the winter coats.)

Time is winding down (finally!) and I’ll have 8 more pictures to take (as long as I don’t forget).  I wanted to post these before I got distracted by vacation.  It’s been a great school year but bring on summer!

Maybe we’ll do this again over summer vacation, what do you think?  I’ll take any ideas you’ve got!

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