Keepin’ it up…

I’ve been on etsy for 7.5 years. Some of my products have come and gone, some things have evolved and I feel like I’m in a great groove item-wise (though things could always be better, of course). BUT lately I’ve been in touch w people who might be a little newer or fresher to this and it makes me wonder… How do I keep it up?


Like, with blogging… just how many times can I say “Hey, I made another new design of this thing?” How often do I re-introduce myself without it being like JEEZ, WE KNOW!

If you sell crafts, how long do you see yourself doing what you do? How do you get new people to follow, yet keep the old people interested?

I’m not sure I can ask just one question to express what I’m wondering, could it be the 7.5 year itch?

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