Top 10 Favorite Things about Sesame Place (10-6)

The girls and I have been making lists of our favorite Sesame Place memories.  We actually have WAY more than 10, so we might do a few more to the series, but for now, 10.  We’ll do 5 today and 5 in a few days!

SO NOW! Our Top 10 Favorite things about Sesame Place!

The Purple 1-2-3 Horse.  Every year, every visit, several times a visit.

Learning to love our furry friends.  The first visit we made, the girls wanted NOTHING to do with the characters.  The 2nd year, Big Girl got over herself and made fast friends.

Even with Mr. Noodle.

Little Girl thought it was all just fine from the safety of her stroller seat.

And after that we were all Best Furry Friends Forever.

Maps are great the day you’re at the park – directions, announcements, menus for the restaurants and more.  We bring one home to remember our visit and plan for next time!

Dine with Me!

We’ve tried breakfast lunch and dinner and they’ve all been great.  Extra special time to spend with our furry friends and family.

Grover’s Birthday Bash at Dine with Me!

(Special event meals)

Now that the girls are school aged, we plan Dinner Dines on Sunday evening… we pile in the car with full bellies afterwards and make the long treck home to CT with happy thoughts in our heads.  The children sleep a little and we’re all ready to go back to school on Monday! (kinda.)

And we just happen to have a thing for Grover.

Alrighty, like I said earlier, stay tuned for the next post with our next 5 favorite memories!

Til then, here’s some info on Season Passes and other cool stuff:

  • 2015 Passes went on sale a few weeks ago! This is a great deal- 2015 Passes include unlimited visits next year (including 2015 Spooktacular and 2015 A Very Furry Christmas) AND the rest of this year free (including 2014 Spooktacular and 2014 A Very Furry Christmas).
  • Transferable Passes: Transferable Passes are a brand new pass! They are a little complicated to explain, but let’s use myself as an example! If I bought myself a Big Bird Season Pass, I could purchase a Transferable Pass. My Big Bird Season Pass would be considered the “host” pass. When I wanted to come to Sesame Place, I could bring anyone (my mom, my grandma, my sister) as my guest. The Person with the Transferable Pass must arrive with the host pass member, and Transferable Passes are limited to one visit per person per day. If you have any further questions, visit the FAQ page:
  • Quick Pay on our Mobile App: Sync your credit card to our mobile app to make quick and convenient food and merchandise purchases! Once you’ve entered your credit card information, just open your app, and a team member can scan your phone to complete the purchase.  Easy Peasy!

Disclosure: I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for the 2014 season. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. All opinions are my own.

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