Top 10 Favorite Things about Sesame Place (5-1)

Well that was a long break!  I’m sure I’ll be explaining that one shortly, just waiting for a few more details to fall in to place.  ANYWAY!  Here are the next 5 reasons that Sesame Place is our favorite!

Neighborhood Street Party Parade!  (This is mom’s favorite part for sure.)  Once (or twice) in a lifetime (or 3 times in one trip, in our case!), you might be chosen to dance in the parade!

Eye on the prize, Little Girl ALWAYS tries to catch a poof.

Being tall enough…

There were just a few rides that the girls waited and waited to be tall enough to ride.  And even now that they’re tall enough for all of them, they still make sure they haven’t shrunk.

A Very Furry Christmas

The park is transformed in to a winter wonderland!  Santa’s there, the characters are bundled up and if you’re extra lucky, it’ll snow just enough to add a little extra something special to the experience!

Something new…  Every year there’s always a little something new or different, and this year was a big year with Cookie’s Monster Land!

Family time, family memories.  There’s nothing better.

This list certainly isn’t all inclusive, we also love the shows, the games, the water attractions, the rides, the gift shops, and on and on…  maybe there should be another list or 3.

Coming up next time (and I promise it’ll be soon!)  The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular – Lots of fall and Halloween themed Sesame fun, including 2 NEW Halloween shows!

Disclosure: I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for the 2014 season. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. All opinions are my own.

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