School Picture Day

It’s school picture day!

Does anyone else have to have “the talk” with their kids on picture day?  The talk that goes:

“If those pictures come back and your hair is different, if your clothes are different or changed, there will be trouble.”

Last year, little girl’s part in her hair wandered waaaaay over to the side like she had given herself a comb over.  The year before she had a dirt smudge from recess between her eyebrows so she looked like she had a caveman uni-brow.  It’s pretty clear the photographers aren’t giving them the once-over, so it’s up to the kids.  Yikes.  Today was the speech:  Do not tie or untie any bows, do not put on or take off any layers, do not add any hair accessories, necklaces, makeup, water, etc.  Can’t wait to see how they come out!

Also:  I’m bummed that it is jacket weather.  Can’t wait for late spring!


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