Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail

Easter is my favorite, I think because it’s finally supposed to be spring…  And we love bunnies.  This year I helped the Easter bunny out and made a bunch of these for kids near and far!

It seemed like every time I thought I’d finish, someone else would ask for some more!

Last weekend, I went to a one-day craft/crop/workshop where it was all-Easter all the time for me!

Hope the Easter bunny remembers to leave some at our house!

It’s actually ok if he doesn’t, I made a few ahead of time and I’ve been tucking them in the girls’ lunchboxes already this week…  filled with cheddar bunnies or bunny grahams.

Some bunny loves them!

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One Response to Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail

  1. catherine mc laughlin says:

    i think these are class how would you go about getting some id love to get some for my friends and family do you sell these if so how much and how would you go about getting them it is a brill idea and they look lovely

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