Handmade Drink Coasters using Sesame Place Maps

I make and sell tile drink coasters at area craft shows, they’re a big hit!  They can have any design I can find – from floral to parachuting sock monkeys, and hundreds of printsx and colors in between.  They’re made from tiles (it’s in the name!), and I use felt pads on the bottom to protect tables and use a generous about of acrylic spray so the prints are water proof.

Since we have “graduated” from Sesame Place this year (*sniffle*), I made myself some of my own coasters from the park maps we have collected over time.

Just a little way to have a happy memory and a cold beverage….

I made some for the winter, too – This map is from their Very Furry Christmas, my favorite time there!


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  1. Sherry Adamson says:

    My first job was at Sesame place back in 1984. I went back in 2012 for Christmas, Been there ever since!!

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