Cheesecake Spring Eggs with Chocolate Shells

I think I’ve said it before, Easter is my favorite.  It’s spring – warmer, brighter, springier.  What’s not to love?  Especially when there’s chocolate egg cheesecake tastiness!



I found these hollow milk chocolate eggs on Amazon and I’ve seen them at Costco this year, they’re delicious all on their own.  If you order a bag, hope for a couple broken ones!

Use a serrated knife to cut top 1/3 off each egg. Eat, top portion or use later for another project.  I think the rough edges add to their charm.

Prep a no-cook cheesecake recipe and add to piping bag w a large round tip.

Squeeze cheesecake batter in to hollow eggs.

In another bowl, spoon several tablespoons of lemon curd and stir to soften.  Add to a piping bag with small round tip.  Squeeze lemon curd “yolk” on to filled eggs.

Chill to set, ready to serve in a couple hours!

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