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Time Flies

Remember this little girl? She’s turning 10.  The little bean who made me a mommy, who changed my life so immensely in too many ways to count.  She’s been here a whole decade and filled our hearts with love and … Continue reading

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Intro Ballet Class

This one.  I signed her up for “Jazz and Hip Hop” dance class and last week she had a mini meltdown after her first session.  Turns out she wanted more.  She needed to DANCE!  Lucky for both of us, there … Continue reading

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Last Day of School

We did it, we made it through another 180 days of school!  We are moving out of first and second grade and on to second and third grade, yay!!  It was a good year, but it’s so-very-much time for vacation. … Continue reading

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Time dances on…

and skips and hops and cartwheels… I’ve got my Bean (Big Girl) home with me today.  While I still can’t figure out if it’s a little tummy bug or some 2nd grade stress that caused her to be sick last night she’s here … Continue reading

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Polkadotty Goodness!

For ha-ha’s I showed Big Girl the pinterest pin of the polkadot cake on Once Upon A Pedestal.  That cake is amazing, and I knew there’d be no way mine would ever look like that, but when anyone asked what … Continue reading

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September Wrap-Up, Girlies style

They went back to school: It’s been a big change having everyone in school all day.  I jumped out of the gate at a full gallop, cleaning and crafting and what-notting, but I’m quickly over that.  I’m gonna have to … Continue reading

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Fresh Lemons – Kitchen Re-decor

The time had been coming for a while.  The girls had outgrown their table in the kitchen.  This was a great spot for them – breakfast while I unloaded the dishwasher, a place for crafts and important little-girl work, somewhere … Continue reading

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Growing Bean

my big girl has been borderline sick for a couple of weeks now – a fit of coughing here and there, a runny nose from time to time, but this a.m. she woke up with dark circles under her eyes … Continue reading

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it’s been a few weeks, i’ve just been… busy.  you know.  i survived a two-day craft show, twice in a row, a couple of sick kids, and a blah, blah blah… this weekend i got to go away to Cape Cod for … Continue reading

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jumping bean

beanie’s the serious one.  we know that.  she’s serious even in a bathing suit, tutu and rain boots. a girl on a mission we took some jump roping pictures and once i said i got a few good ones, she … Continue reading

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