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Time Flies

Remember this little girl? She’s turning 10.  The little bean who made me a mommy, who changed my life so immensely in too many ways to count.  She’s been here a whole decade and filled our hearts with love and … Continue reading

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the time has come

this little girl: is getting on the bus for kindergarten tomorrow.  she was less than 2 weeks old when i decided there was no way i was sharing her ever.  i quit the job i had every intention of returning … Continue reading

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more cake!

so i did get to eventually go to bed last night…. where i hacked my lungs out til the wee hours.  being sick is FUN! =O this a.m. i cut off the bumpy pieces on both cakes so they’d make … Continue reading

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everything is better when it’s GIANT!!

so you wanna make a big top cupcake…. assemble your ingredients… (why yes that IS 4.5 lbs of frosting!) start a-bakin’…  (and yes it IS 10:56 pm!!) (wait.  did somebody say BACON??)  “how do you know how much is half?” … Continue reading

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winner, winner, chicken dinner!

everyone knows i have the best job on earth….  i play with scrapbooking supplies, a fiddle with adhesives, i hang out and chat about children, life, crafts…  THE BEST JOB!  and last night while i was at the Best Job … Continue reading

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something’s happening

(and good lord, i’m not pregnant!) hi kiersten!! but it’s something big.  we just don’t know what yet.  actually, we do, but we gotta write it all  down and get it all in order before we start to spread the … Continue reading

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