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buttoned up house plants

i like to have a little treat or prize for my mom and grandma and sister for Easter, since many times when we see any of them, they have a little something for the girls.  this Easter: little plants with crazy … Continue reading

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gingerbread wonderland

take 17 four and five year olds and give them milk cartons with graham crackers and frosting schmered on them: and give them some of the tastiest candies a starving mom has ever seen (mmmmm….  hello, breakfast!)  and you get … Continue reading

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here she is!

i almost didn’t get a pic of her in full bloom…  but she’s quite the topic of conversation.  readers, i give you…. TINA. she is in a southwest window, totally ignored most of the year.  and yet she flowers like … Continue reading

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ever-blooming christmas cactus

So there’s been a few questions about my Christmas Cactus “Tina” over on Flickr today.  I’ve been calling her Tina (Turner) because she is like a fluffy wig perched on the top of my plant stand.  I bought Tina on … Continue reading

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